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Top 5 Things You Should Know about 14 CFR 25.1302

A lot of airplane and avionics manufacturing companies are starting to prepare their teams to address the newly released FAA regulation covering human factors issues: 14 CFR 25.1302.  There is a lot to learn, but here are the top five things you should know.

In a nutshell, 14 CFR 25.1302…

1. Applies to everything in the flight deck meant to be used by the flight crew

It is a general applicability regulation that applies to all systems and equipment that will be used by the flight crew in any way during their flight duties.

2. Applies to system individually as well as possible impact on other systems

Showing compliance to the regulation must include human factors considerations on the design and performance of the system or equipment in isolation, as well as how it will be used with other flight deck systems or equipment.  The potential impact on the use of other systems and equipment must also be addressed.

3. Addresses both interface (controls and information) and underlying system behavior

Compliance includes addressing human factors considerations in the design of the interface including all associated displays and controls and also must include careful design of the behavior of the system and how it relates to the performance and expectations of the flight crew.

4. Addresses the fact that even well-trained flight crews using well-designed systems will make errors

A key element of the new regulation is the requirement for addressing errors that could occur when using the system or equipment stating that efforts should be made to minimize the potential for errors, while recognizing that errors will still occur.

5. Requires focus on allowing pilots to detect and manage their errors

Building on the last point, the regulation also requires that the design allows the pilots to detect the errors they make and manage them effectively after they detect them.

Learn more about 14 CFR 25.1302

To learn more about the specific wording of the regulation see the entry for 14 CFR 25.1302 in the FAA’s Regulatory and Guidance Library (RGL):

14 CFR 25.1302 Installed Systems and Equipment for Use by the Flightcrew

We also have a  blog series that focuses on topics related specifically to the new 14 CFR 25.1302 regulation.

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And finally, we develop online training that focuses on the practices and processes that are essential for successfully complying with regulations like 14 CFR 25.1302.  Check out our training series on Human Factors in Aviation Design and Certification by watching the series overview video on our Human Factors for Your Information (HFYI) portal.

Online Training Series Overview Video: Human Factors in Aviation Design and Certification
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