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Virtual Meeting

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about weekend plans or the lunch menu while attending a business meeting? While this can happen during any meeting, virtual meetings are particularly susceptible to distracted and unfocused participants. When attending a meeting outside a physical office, participants can easily find themselves distracted in their casual environment. It’s easy to check out when you’re “watching’’ a meeting. When you’re leading a virtual meeting, beware of participants slipping into observer mode. You want to minimize this. It’s also important to realize that the sense of accountability changes when participants are not face-to-face. Even well intended, well-disciplined meeting members can find it difficult to maintain focus when attending a virtual meeting. While this post is about minimizing distraction, it’s very important that you, the meeting organizer, have a high level of employee/participant trust. This sets the stage. Trust that the participants are paying attention. There will be small … Continue reading

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Virtual Meeting

Creating effective meetings that produce actionable results relies on participants who are engaged in the meeting, the process, and the outcome. Our team at Research Integrations has been operating in a virtual environment for quite some time now. We found that in virtual meetings, using effective engagement techniques is crucial because meeting members may be more easily distracted or disinterested. A virtual environment is tricky because it doesn’t hold us accountable to another person in the same way a person-to-person meeting does. Utilizing the techniques I’ve outlined below will hopefully assist in leading your meeting members to have ownership of the action plan you’re developing together. Once this occurs, group members are more likely to take on responsibilities and even work on them outside of meeting time. Don’t forget the importance of choosing a virtual meeting tool that accommodates your needs. My previous post may be of assistance to you … Continue reading

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