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Every day we are inundated with information: emails, text messages, voice mails, meetings, etc. Adding training to that content mix, regardless of how necessary or relevant, can be overwhelming. While some people may be information junkies, many prefer to get to the point—they want the “need-to-know” pieces of training information. When designing an e-learning training program, determine the key points, and make sure these key ideas are highlighted for the learner. By making your main ideas clear, you are reducing the load on the learner’s working memory, freeing it up to focus on and make sense of the “need-to-know” information. Here are 6 things you can do to help learners focus on the most important information in your e-learning training programs:   1. Break it up and Keep it Scannable: Use Headings When presented with information, we look for cues about what to pay attention to. For instance, in this … Continue reading

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