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Humm... Am I a human factors expert?

There are a lot of definitions of Human Factors out there … so let me add one more. Human Factors is the application of knowledge about human capabilities and limitations to design for safe, comfortable, and efficient use. [This definition is an amalgamation of a number of definitions but most particularly the definitions found in Alphonse Chapanis’ 1995 Ergonomics in Product Development: A Personal View, and Martin Helander’s 1997 The Human Factors Profession.] And, when Human Factors is effectively included in the design process, the product can enjoy a number of benefits.  Some benefits include minimizing the potential for use error; reducing the amount of required training and guidance material to use your product; and increased user satisfaction, productivity, and confidence in your product. A thought more common than you’d expect is: Last time I checked I was human, so aren’t I a human factors expert? Isn’t it just common sense?  … Continue reading

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