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1st post in the series A new FAA regulation is tentatively slated to hit the streets in early 2013.  It is the proposed FAA 14 CFR 25.1302 Installed systems and equipment for use by the flightcrew and is the first general applicability FAA regulation to include explicit requirements for design attributes related to avoiding and managing flight crew error. While FAA 14 CFR 25.1523 and corresponding Appendix D have addressed some related design attributes, this proposed FAA regulation represents a much more global approach to human factors on the flight deck and will require system and equipment designers to consider human error and feedback in their design and testing of flight deck interfaces. The FAA 14 CFR 25.1302 was initially developed as a harmonized regulation with the EASA CS 25.1302 regulation.  Since the release of the EASA regulation in 2006, several manufacturers have had projects that required demonstrating compliance with … Continue reading

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