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With so many organizations turning to e-learning to provide training, it’s easy to get caught up in the prospect of saving money and being more efficient. By converting face-to-face training programs into e-learning formats, organizations can offer training 24/7 to audiences in any location. This is certainly an attractive option for providing a cost and time-saving benefit. Unfortunately, this allure can lead to rapid course development, also known as dumping PowerPoint presentations into online training sites with little thought into best design practices. E-learning, as well as any training, requires careful planning. Once you determine that e-learning is an appropriate delivery mechanism for the type of training you are doing, ask yourself these questions: Does the training optimize the potential for learning? Does the training either develop or maintain expertise? Does the training transfer to the job? If you can’t answer “yes” to all 3 of these questions, or if … Continue reading

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