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Virtual Meeting

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about weekend plans or the lunch menu while attending a business meeting? While this can happen during any meeting, virtual meetings are particularly susceptible to distracted and unfocused participants. When attending a meeting outside a physical office, participants can easily find themselves distracted in their casual environment. It’s easy to check out when you’re “watching’’ a meeting. When you’re leading a virtual meeting, beware of participants slipping into observer mode. You want to minimize this. It’s also important to realize that the sense of accountability changes when participants are not face-to-face. Even well intended, well-disciplined meeting members can find it difficult to maintain focus when attending a virtual meeting. While this post is about minimizing distraction, it’s very important that you, the meeting organizer, have a high level of employee/participant trust. This sets the stage. Trust that the participants are paying attention. There will be small … Continue reading

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