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Collection of small display devices

When designing small device displays, factors such as the size, contrast, and brightness of the display are frequently addressed. However, one factor that is often not given enough consideration is the impact of glare and reflections on visibility. What creates glare and reflection? The potential for glare and reflections is impacted by the viewing distances, viewing angles, luminance, reflectance, direct lighting, ambient lighting, and indirect lighting expected during use. In controlled environments like an airplane flight deck, glare and reflection problems can be addressed by eliminating the source of the glare through adjusting or filtering the lighting conditions because they are part of the overall design (this is described in detail in areas of the Design CoPilot application). However, when addressing devices used in the home, lighting conditions are not under the control of the designer. So, what can be done to reduce the likelihood of glare and reflections for … Continue reading

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