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As you may know, FAA Title 14 CFR Parts 135, 121, and 125 define the Operational Requirements for various types of operations conducted in U.S. airspace.  But do you know when each one applies? This can get a bit tricky, so I’ll try to unravel the applicability of the operational requirements for various passenger carrying operations. Specific attributes of the operation, design, and configuration of the aircraft are used to determine which of these three Operational Requirements are applicable to a particular operation to be certified. FAA Operational Requirements The three FAA Title 14 operational requirements and their full titles are: Part 135 – Operating Requirements: Commuter And On Demand Operations And Rules Governing Persons On Board Such Aircraft Part 121 – Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, And Supplemental Operations Part 125 – Certification And Operations: Airplanes Having A Seating Capacity Of 20 Or More Passengers Or A Maximum Payload Capacity … Continue reading

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