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Research Integrations, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Beth Lyall for the purpose of creating an expert, independent, research organization that could produce unbiased human performance and safety research. Since then Research Integrations has established a rich history of making a real-world impact on safety and performance by conducting and applying research and science in a manner that can be effectively applied (integrated) in the work processes and environments where it is needed. The Research Integrations team provides a unique combination of experience and knowledge in the areas of certification processes; real-world design, training and operations; and the application of human factors principles. We have grown from our roots in aviation safety and certification to also specialize in medical device design and certification, automobile ergonomics, as well as general applied human factors and user interface design and evaluation.


People.  Purpose.  Product.

In all of our work we aim to bridge the gap between science and practice and to be able to speak the language of all of our particular audiences (scientists, domain experts, general audiences, management). To ensure that we develop useful products, we first seek to fully understand the unique needs and environment of the people who are intended to use the products as well as the purpose for which the product is to be used.


Feed them for a lifetime

It is our goal to empower our customers to be able to better fend for themselves out in the wild rather than to provide single-point solutions. Our products and services are designed to prepare everyone we work with to make safe, timely, and well-informed decisions by providing tools, information, and training to enable our customers "to be fed for a lifetime" by "teaching them to fish, rather than just giving them a fish".


Multidisciplinary Team

The RII team has been developed to include people with knowledge and expertise in a variety of human performance disciplines. The effectiveness of the team is created by synthesizing the individual areas of expertise with exceptional critical thinking and problem solving skills. This multidisciplinary team was created purposefully to allow us to address human performance completely, taking all aspects and trade-offs into account. These areas include the following:

  • human factors psychology
  • human factors engineering
  • ergonomics
  • training design and development
  • cognitive science
  • library and information science
  • user experience (UX) and interaction design
  • exercise physiology
  • biomechanics
  • motor control
  • motor learning
  • functional anatomy

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Research Integrations is a purpose-driven human factors research service and consulting company where we put people first,  trust the process, and in turn develop usable products that truly meet our customer's needs. 

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