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Automobile Ergonomics Evaluation


Automotive Marketing Consultants, Inc (AMCI) provides the industry standard for automotive testing and certification of automobile advertising claims.


Dr. Beth Lyall was invited to perform the ergonomics assessment of selected luxury automobiles as part of a multifaceted AMCI testing team. Our challenge was to develop and implement AMCI's first ergonomics assessment. The assessment had to be conducted on five automobiles in one day.


An assessment methodology and protocol was developed that could be performed within the time limitations provided. The assessment addressed ergonomics considerations related to the availability and quality of information presented to the driver (e.g. visibility, legibility, understandability, likelihood of distraction) and the availability and design of driver controls (e.g. availability, accessibility, operation). Other areas evaluated were the usability of systems and the understandability of the system logic along with the capability of controlling the environment inside the vehicle (e.g. noise, lighting, temperature) and reducing the impact of the outside environment (e.g. noise, temperature, visibility, vibration). The methodology developed provided easy measures to compare the vehicles on the day of testing; no additional analysis was required.


AMCI was pleased with the ergonomics assessment methods and results. They have continued to stay in contact and are pursuing interest in further development of an ergonomics assessment that they can include more regularly in their testing.


Automotive Marketing Consultants, Inc (AMCI)

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