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ISAP Conference Proceedings CD-ROM



The International Symposium for Aviation Psychology (ISAP) is a conference held every two years to present research on human performance issues related to aviation systems and technology. The symposium is attended by scientists, research sponsors, pilots, controllers, and aviation operators.


Our challenge was to design and develop the CD-ROM version of the conference proceedings for the 2001 International Symposium for Aviation Psychology. The CD-ROM was to be usable by all those who attended the symposium no matter what computer platform or software they used.

Approach and Solution

We designed original artwork for the jacket and main menu screen of the CD-ROM proceedings that reflects the broad aviation interest areas addressed in the contents. We ensured that all files could be easily accessed and read on computers with Windows or Macintosh operating systems by formatting them with Adobe Acrobat software. The CD-ROM opens with a menu to access the introductory material, table of contents, author index, search function, and list of attendees. All documents on the CD-ROM can be searched by keyword, title, or author. The CD-ROMs were distributed to all conference attendees.


International Symposium for Aviation Psychology


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