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Human Factors Support of the Aviation Safety Reporting System



The Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is a service managed by NASA and funded by the FAA to enhance aviation safety. The system collects, reviews, and archives incident reports submitted by pilots, controllers, flight attendants, and maintenance technicians. The incident data are used to identify safety trends and areas of focus for research. There are also two other incident systems under the same oversight: the Patient Safety Reporting System (PSRS) and the Security Incident Reporting System (SIRS). NASA selects a contractor to manage all the activities of the incident systems. Booz Allen Hamilton is the current lead contractor and we are on their team to perform the research activities.


Our challenge is to effectively stay aware of the incident reports submitted to identify research that should be conducted to answer safety questions and then to develop and conduct that research and communicate it usefully and in a timely manner to be implemented, if necessary. Our second area of responsibility is to participate in developing improvements to processes and procedures throughout the ASRS system.

Approach and Solution

We are working with Booz Allen Hamilton to set priorities for process and procedure improvements. We are exploring automated methods for reviewing incident reports to identify trends and are developing quick-response incident research methods to ensure that all research projects are conducted in as short a time as possible so that results can get out to those who need them.

Funding Agency:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Project Partners:

Booz Allen Hamilton

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