Automation Training Practitioners’ Guide (2008)

Title: Automation Training Practitioners’ Guide (2008)
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Lyall, Deborah A. Boehm-Davis, and Florian Jentsch
Abstract: This document serves to provide a concise review of research addressing pilot training for automated aircraft, (“automation training” for short) and to make the research results accessible to those in the field. This document is an updated version of Lyall, Vint, Niemczyk, Wilson, and Funk (1998). For the convenience of the reader, the document has been divided into eight sections addressing broad concepts that integrate the research being covered. Each section begins with a brief summary of the concept followed by two subsections: Best Practices and More Information. In the Best Practices subsection, recommendations based on the research in automation training are made for improving automation training. In addition, each ‘best practice’ is followed by a description of the rationale behind the practice and, when appropriate, a concrete example of how the best practice might be applied. The More Information subsection provides further sources and articles for the interested reader. At the end of the document are Glossary and References sections.
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