Flight Crew Training for NextGen Automation (2011)

Title: Flight Crew Training for NextGen Automation Final Report (2011)
Author(s): Research Integrations, Inc.

This report is the product of an FAA-sponsored project designed to build a foundation of knowledge upon which to address flight-crew training for NextGen operations, focusing particularly on the use of automation.

NextGen operations propose to overhaul our national airspace system by increasing air traffic density and improving flight precision while effectively making air travel safer, more convenient, and more dependable. Advances in flight deck technology, satellite-based navigation systems, and secure digital communications along with enhancements to flight-operations procedures will work in collaboration to effect these improvements.

This report describes all aspects of our Flight Crew Training for NextGen Automation project. It is organized into this first chapter that provides an overview of the project and presents the guidelines and recommendations that resulted from all the work in the study. The subsequent chapters each describe the details for one of the other elements. The chapters are organized as follows.

  • Literature Review
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Summary of Ongoing and Planned Research Applicable to Airline Pilot Training
  • Current Training Practices Interviews
  • Pilot Training Vision Workshops

Finally, we have included an appendix with a list of acronyms. A brief description of each of our project steps and the general methodology used to accomplish the associated activities is included below as a project overview. Detailed methods and results for each step are provided in the associated chapter for that project element.

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