Flightdeck automation problems: Perceptions and reality (1997)

Title: Flightdeck automation problems: Perceptions and reality (1997)
Author(s): Ken Funk, Beth Lyall, and Mary Niemczyk
Abstract: With the advent of advanced technology and the transfer of safety-critical functions away from human control, pilots, scientists, and aviation safety experts have expressed concerns about the safety of flightdeck automation. For example, Wiener [1] surveyed a group of pilots of advanced technology commercial transport aircraft and found significant concerns. Wise and his colleagues [2] found similar concerns among pilots of advanced technology corporate aircraft. Based on incident and accident data, Billings [3,4] cited problems with flightdeck automation and proposed a more human-centered approach to design and use, and Sarter and Woods [5,6] have sought to further investigate and verify concerns expressed by pilots and others in a series of simulator experiments exploring pilot interaction with automation. Although much work is being done, to date there does not exist a comprehensive list of verified flightdeck automation human factors problems from which to coordinate projects and make the best use of limited research resources. The objectives of our research are to develop a comprehensive list of perceived flightdeck automation human factors problems and concerns in Phase 1, and to verify the perceived problems and concerns and prioritize them in Phase 2.
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