Operational Use of Flight Path Management Systems (2013)

Title: Operational Use of Flight Path Management Systems (2013)
Author(s): FAA PARC/CAST Flight Deck Automation WG
[note: Beth Lyall was a member of this working group]

This is the final report presenting the recommendations of the Performance-based operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee/Commercial Aviation Safety Team Flight Deck Automation Working group.

The PARC Steering Group and the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) established this joint working group to address, for current and projected operational use, the safety and efficiency of modern flight deck systems for flight path management (including energy-state management). The Working Group analyzed safety and operational data to fulfill its tasking. It generated 29 findings and 18 recommendations that are documented in this final report. The findings address:

  • Many of the sources of safety and operational risk mitigation in the current aviation system;
  • Equipment design, pilot training and qualification, and airspace operations; and
  • Lessons learned from the analyses of different sources of safety and operational data.


The report provides recommendations to address the findings in each of these areas. The findings and recommendations are summarized in the Executive Summary of the cialis pas cher the report. 

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Note: This report is also available on the FAA website at: avs/offices/afs/afs400/parc/parc_reco/media/ 2013/130908_PARC_FltDAWG_Final_Report_Recommendations.pdf

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