Training approaches and considerations for automated aircraft: A summary of training development experiences (1998)

Title: Training approaches and considerations for automated aircraft: A summary of training development experiences (1998)
Author(s): Beth Lyall, Rebekah Vint, Mary Niemczyk, Jennifer Wilson, and Ken Funk
Abstract: This report is the result of a project that was initiated to gather information about the current state of airline training for automated aircraft. Prior to the initiation of this project many training developers and researchers had identified challenges associated with creating training programs for automated aircraft. Though the challenges inherent in developing effective training for the automated aircraft were recognized, it was also recognized that, despite the challenges, the airlines and other training organizations were developing and implementing these types of training programs every day based on their own experiences and needs. In other words, training departments and personnel address the challenges of training development in their jobs daily, as well as face new challenges that have not previously been recognized. Therefore, the objective of this project was to gather information about current knowledge related to developing these programs from those who are creating them at the airlines and aircraft manufacturers. The project was not meant to be an exhaustive review of all training methods and, therefore, this report does not address all of the methods available. This report summarizes the training methods currently being used to develop and deliver training for automated aircraft at the major US airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Information is presented about the training methods and approaches that have been found effective by organizations developing training programs for automated aircraft along with descriptions of methods that were abandoned or modified because they did not prove to be effective. The intent of this project was to gather information that would be valuable to organizations modifying their training programs or developing new programs for automated aircraft. Therefore, this report is not meant to be a scientific research paper, but instead it is meant to be a reference document for developers and managers of training programs for automated aircraft.
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