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Flight Deck Design Human Factors Training

Online and in-person courses are available addressing flight deck design human factors.  These courses include topics such as the following.

  • Understanding the important characteristics related to the background and experience of your target pilot population
  • Describing and analyzing relevant pilot tasks
  • Defining and designing for pilot information requirements
  • Defining and designing for pilot control requirements
  • Applying human factors to flight deck system design
  • Designing to allow pilots to identify and manage errors
  • Designing a flight deck for single-pilot operations
  • Designing to minimize inadvertant operation of flight deck controls
  • Designing and evaluating automated systems for pilot interaction
  • Designing and evaluating flight deck alerting systems
  • Developing flight deck procedures
  • Developing and evaluating airplane flight manuals
  • Developing and evaluating pilot checklists
  • Documenting the underlying flight deck design philosophy
  • Measuring and analysing design-related flight crew workload



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